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MAX has always prompty identified up-to-date needs, and in its  founding period from 1942 and 1950s, MAX produced JAPAN's First Small size Stapler, hand tacker, and drafting machine. These early products gained the confidence of many customers, and MAX become clearly involved in the field of producs for 'Fastening', 'binding', and 'drawing'.

In 1960s through the development of pneumatic technology, MAX nailers become air-powered, and the market for these products extended to cover furniture, packaging, and constructions.

Nailer cunsumable changed from staples to nail, and the materials for which the nailers were used also expanded from wood to steel plate and concrete. The use of nails mean that nailers come to be used in all  markets, and MAX become Japan's top manufacturer of nailers in both name and reality.

In the future , MAX will continue to insist on 'making products' that fully satisfy the people who use them.